Gripper tube for handling bottles – GGC

The GGC / GGCA gripper

The GGC(A) type pneumatic gripper tube comes in the form of an inflatable air jacks equipped with supply(ies) for connection to compressed air, with threaded fasteners, for quick mounting on your gripper heads. Thanks to its optimal usable length it allows long-necked bottles to be handled. Many users around the world are satisfied with this tool.

This gripper uses vacuum to flatten and fit between the rows of bottles.

REF.∅ (mm)H (mm)E* (mm)C (mm)

User / use

Bottling: Depalletization of bottles

Bottle manufacturers: Palletization of bottles

General industry: (de)palletization of various containers (plastic containers, cardboard containers, PET…)

Technical characteristics

Our grippers tubes are manufactured with a highly abrasion resistant polymer coated fabric substrate then are vulcanized. Our GGC has a thick reinforced gum rubber body and rough appearance which gives them a long life span and increased robustness. A layer of food-grade gum rubber can be added upon request.

Among our GGC gripper tube line, we offer several inflation diameters (standard and custom) which can manipulate all your long-neck bottles, regardless of their capacity.

The standard properties of our GGC gripper tube are:

  • Length of 1230mm or 1320mm.
  • Attachment with 3 M10X70 threaded rods.
  • An air supply.


GGC(A) grippers tubes are used in automated processes for handling bottles. When your facility is ready, our grippers tubes are an indispensable and valuable instrument for your production lines. Very strong, they can withstand up to 1.2 bars of pressure.

If you have several types of neck, our different grippers tubes are quickly removable between your production changes. We can carry out optimisation studies to choose the model.

The GGC inflatable bladder has a cylindrical shape, and thanks to the vacuum it is very thin, which is a safety aspect when inserting between the necks.


The gripper tube is divided into 3 areas:

  • An inflatable body reinforced by a frame
  • 3 attachment points
  • 1 inflatable tube equipped with a quick-connect fitting that can be connected to a compressed air source


The strength of our GGC gripper tube as well as our entire FLEXGRIP line is that it can be tailored to your needs (special length, special attachments, different number and type of connections).

Our gripping clamps and grippers tubes can be completely tailor made for picking up critical containers and/or for use with unusual pallet configurations (packs with crossbraces, specific bottles, etc.).

Simtech can carry out process optimisation studies incorporating your constraints and allowing you to optimise your production and adapt to your installations. These studies can also be carried out on your site.

Why choose Simtech grippers tubes?

Simplicity of use | Saves time | Saves space | Profitability | adaptable to your installations | production flexibility (grippers for all bottle formats) | Low maintenance

Why choose Simtech quality?

We are manufacturers and ISO 9001: 2015 certified | We have qualified staff | We export our products worldwide

We have more than 25 years experience in our field