Racing Fuel cells

Racing fuel cells are designed for the storage of fuel in competition vehicles. They are approved by the FIA-FT3. Indeed, the design meets the requirements of the FT3 standard whose objective is to have fuel safe cell that resist explosion in case of impact or rollover of the vehicle.

Use / User

Automotive industry: Racing car manufacturers, OEMs, trucks, motorcycles

End user: Racing vehicle tuner, Garage.

Technical specifications of racing fuel cells

Simtech designs custom racing fuel cells of all capacities. It works from the customer’s drawing or from the dedicated space in the vehicle. Simtech determines the type of racing fuel tank from a measurement directly on the vehicle. FIA-approved accessories equip our race fuel cell and make the vehicle as safe as possible in case of an accident.

Racing fuel tank Performance

The diversity of our manufacturing processes as well as the different types of materials that we develop, allow us to offer racing fuel cells that meet the use of different types of fuel. These FIA approved race tanks are designed to resist corrosion and the effects of fuel vapors.

Simtech has highly qualified technical teams that design and manufacture racing fuel cells of all capacities and complex shapes to meet your requirements.

Flexcell® on-board fuels cells are equipped with non-return filling valves. The purpose of all these accessories is to keep the fuel inside the tank and to avoid any vapors emanating into the vehicle’s cabin in order to avoid any fire risk.

Race fuel cell Composition

The racing fuel tank is composed of several parts:

The external part: the tank skin

The upper part consists of the top plate, counter flange including the degassing, suction and return valves/ filling device: filling pipe with cap

The inside of the tank: All of our race fuel cells are equipped with explosion-proof internal foam, adapted to the type of fuel. As an option, we offer internal fuel manifold devices.

Possibilities of manufacturing internal partitions, brackets for high and low pressure pumps. We also supply these.

Customization of racing fuel cells

Simtech provides upstream aluminum or composite boxes to secure the tank as required by the FIA-FT3 standard. The supply of a racing fuel tank with integrated composite box is also possible.

We also produce internal buffer boxes according to your design, as well as internal partitions if required. To increase the performance of your racing fuel cell, Simtech also provides high and low pressure pumps to maximize the fuel supply to the engine.