Pneumatic gripper tube – GGDD

The GGD/D- GGD/DA pneumatic gripper tube

The GGDD double pneumatic gripper tube is designed to manipulate short neck and wide shoulder bottles such as (flasks, whisky bottles or Cognac bottles). It is composed of an inflatable cylinder which inflates in 2 parts on the lower part and a low fabric reinforcement. The GGD Double gripper tube is equipped with 3 fasteners and a hose for supply of compressed air.

REF.∅ (mm)H (mm)E** (mm)G (mm)

** Thickness under vacuum

User / use

Bottling: (De)palletization of bottles

Bottle manufacturers: Palletization of bottles

General industry: (de)palletization of various containers (plastic containers, cardboard containers, hollow glass, PET…)

Technical characteristics

The GGDD pneumatic gripper tube is manufactured with a vulcanised rubber base highly resistant to abrasion and high pressures, with the maximum recommended pressure being 1.2 bars. It consists of a fabric reinforcement on its lower part intended to improve its life and its abrasion resistance. The standard length of the GGD Double gripper tube is 1340 mm. It includes 3 fasteners spaced 510 mm from the centre fastener. It is delivered with 1 supply hose for supply of compressed air. This gripper is also available with a length of 1470 mm and can be supplied with dual feed supply.


The GGD Double gripper tube has the distinctive feature of inflating 2 diameters placed next to each other on its lower part. This feature lets it be suited to bottles with a short neck and wide shoulders thanks to its considerable width relative to its useful height.  Very easy to use and simple to install, the GGD/D gripper tube lets you very easily handle bottles with most critical shapes.


The GGD pneumatic gripper tube is divided into three areas:

  • Inflatable body
  • 3 attachment points
  • 1 inflatable tube equipped with a quick-connect fitting that can be connected to a compressed air source


Our technical department is at your disposal to determine the best solution for picking up bottles during palletization or depalletization. During production with several types of bottle on a single line, we determine a single solution within the technical constraints of your specifications.

As an addition to studying the custom solution, we offer upstream options such as the aluminium profile to stiffen the grippers when handling full bottles, a fabric reinforcement to limit abrasion on the lower part of the grippers and different centre spacing of the fasteners or of the supply positions. We can also supply the GGD/D gripper tube in your desired length with SIMFIX quick-release nuts.

The GGD Double is available in a food contact version. We have a line of grippers that are food grade certified in accordance with the FDA standard.

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