Reusable laminating vacuum bag for semi-automatic conveyors – LBRP

The LBRP vacuum bag

The LBRP reusable vacuum bag is intended for glass pre-laminating in semi-automatic laminating conveyors. This bag is in the form of an envelope with a fold opening. The glass to be laminated is manually inserted in the vacuum pouch. Closing is done very simply and quickly. The vacuum bag also includes a vacuum fitting to connect to the vacuum system. With this, deairing of the bag and beginning the laminating operation can be quickly launched. The LBRP vacuum bag is protected by a pending patent.

User / use

Automobile industry: complete EVA cycle, PVB pre-lamination, lamination of specific glass parts

Architectural industry: glass partitions, safety partitions, glass with acoustic properties, anti-UV glazing, heating glass

Machine manufacturers: ring conveyor, manufacturer of automatic ovens

Military industry: bullet-proof laminated glass

Research and development: Lamination of glass specimens

General industry: LCD screens, solar panels

Technical characteristics

The laminating vacuum bag for semi-automatic conveyors was designed to flick the glass on semi-automatic rolling conveyors. The LBRP vacuum bag is made from high resistance temperature rubber. Its closing system is innovative and very simple, it is enough to fold the upper part to close effectively. This closure ensures a perfect seal. The inside of the vacuum bag is made of an embossed coating.


One of the many advantages of the LBRP laminating vacuum bag is efficiency: you can laminate several types of glass in a single bag.  Operating is quick and simple. The internal embossed coating allows homogeneous diffusion of heat and prevents any adhesion of spacer residue inside the bag.


The bag is divided into 3 parts:

  • The body (main structure)
  • Internal anti-stick embossed coating.
  • Toothed vacuum fitting that can be adapted to customer requirements.


Our engineering office designs vacuum bags tailored to your requirements and constraints. We adapt the bags according to the size of the glass, the shape and certain specifics (glass with inserts, significant deflection). The vacuum bag’s fastening system can be adapted according to the type of carrier frame.

Why choose Simtech vacuum bags?

Simplicity of use | save time | save space | profitability | interior coating suitable for glass | production flexibility (several glass dimensions in the same bag) | low maintenance

Why choose Simtech quality?

We are manufacturers and ISO 9001: 2015 certified | We have qualified staff | We export our products worldwide

We have more than 25 years experience in our field