Gripping head for inflatable grippers tubes -TGG

Gripping head for inflatable grippers tubes

The TGG type gripping head for inflatable grippers tubes has the shape of a metal frame equipped with threaded fasteners to install the grippers.  Used for palletizing and depalletizing glass bottles. They adapt to any type of palletizer thanks to their interface, which can also be custom made. Our Gripper Heads are available with several options, from the basic unit to the complete regulation system.  The grippers are easily mounted and unmounted, which saves you time in production.

User / use

Bottling: Depalletization of bottles

Bottle manufacturers: Palletization of bottles

General industry: (de)palletization of various containers (plastic containers, cardboard containers, PET…) boxing/unpacking.


Technical characteristics

Our TGG type gripper heads are manufactured from high strength materials. Our TGG have a steel frame which gives them a long life span and increased robustness.

Among our TGG line, we offer several options (standard or custom) which adapt to all existing installations.

TGG1: Basic unit for users equipped with an air supply and its regulation system.

TGG2: TGG1 + pressure regulator for controlling gripper inflation

TGG3_M: TGG1 + control and regulation system for gripper air supply (Inflation / deflation).

Semi-automatic option: manual control of the vacuum and pressure system integrated+ Handles



The gripping heads are used in automated processes for handling bottles, when palletizing or depalletizing. When your facility is ready, our grippers are an indispensable tool for your production lines.


The gripper head is divided into 2 areas:

  • A steel frame.
  • Threaded fasteners to receive the grippers


The strength of our TGG gripper head as well as our entire FLEXGRIP line is that it can be tailored to your needs (special length, special attachments, different number and type of connections).

Our gripping head and grippers can be completely tailor made for picking up critical containers and/or for use with unusual pallet configurations (packs with crossbraces, specific bottles, etc.).

Simtech can carry out process optimisation studies incorporating your constraints and allowing you to optimise your production and adapt to your installations. These studies can also be carried out on your site.


Why choose Simtech grippers tubes?

Simplicity of use | Saves time | Saves space | Profitability | adaptable to your installations | production flexibility (grippers for all bottle formats) | Low maintenance

Why choose Simtech quality?

We are manufacturers and ISO 9001: 2015 certified | We have qualified staff | We export our products worldwide

We have more than 25 years experience in our field