Self-sealing fuel tank

Self-sealing tank

The self-sealing fuel tank is designed for military vehicles deployed in advanced theaters of operations and at risk of being subjected to intense fire. Simtech’s self-sealing fuel tank prevents major leaks due to ballistic impacts during these operations. Our self-sealing fuel tank is designed by applying a thin layer of polymer directly on the tank to be protected. This self-sealing protection can be applied to both rigid and flexible surfaces: polyethylene, aluminum, fiberglass, etc. Self-sealing tanks are effective against 9 mm, 5.56, 7.62 and 12.7 mm ammunition.

Use / User

Defense industry: military vehicle manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, armored vehicles, trucks, helicopters, ships, tanks.
End user: Armed forces, special forces, police and gendarmerie.

Technical characteristics of self-sealing fuel tanks

The supply of a self-sealing fuel tank includes R&D, manufacturing and adaptation of the solution to the shape and size of the selected tank. The design office takes into account the characteristics of the tank (neck, sharp angles, fasteners, etc.). Simtech takes care of the complete application of the self-sealing protection by trained operators. Whether the fuel tanks are manufactured by Simtech or another supplier, they are delivered as turnkey solutions.
NATO-certified ballistic laboratories guarantee the characteristics of Simtech’s self-sealing fuel tanks.

Self-sealing fuel tank performance

Simtech’s self-sealing fuel tank is currently the LIGHTEST and the thinnest on the market. It provides optimal fuel tank protection while optimizing the overall weight of the vehicle, and adding only a limited amount of extra thickness to the initial shape of the tank. Simtech’s solution provides effective protection for gauges up to 12.7 mm. The protection seals itself when a projectile pierces the tank. This reduces fuel leakage to a negligible rate.
This self-sealing protection is applied to the entire surface of the tank, and is effective regardless of the number of impacts. In addition, the presence of foam inside the fuel tank prevents any deflagration.

Composition of the self-sealing fuel tank

Simtech uses a complex of polymeric materials assembled under vulcanization to manufacture the self-sealing fuel tanks. This protection is characterized by its low thickness and low mass compared to competing solutions on the market. Thus, our self-sealing fuel tanks are the optimal solution for today’s military vehicles. In addition, they limit the increase in tank volume, as well as the payload. Simtech also provides explosion-proof solutions installed inside the tanks. They are made of foam or mesh.


Simtech offers customized self-sealing protections to fit all types of fuel tanks. We offer our customers the possibility to design the self-sealing tanks and to take charge of their production. We use metallic components or flexible materials (rubber, polymers…). In addition, we offer a wide range of options (tanks, counter-flanges, degassing valves, etc.). Eventually, we deliver the self-sealing tank solutions in kit form for you to apply on your site.