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Technical tarpaulins for military and armoured vehicles

The possibilities that technical fabrics offer are vast and evolve every day while the technical aspects of flexible materials allows them to adapt to military constraints of operational conditions. SIMTECH will adapt materials and products to your constraints and specifications to respond to projects such as: covers for military trailers, specific tents, covers for storage or transport of equipment, etc.

Simtech can design and manufacture specific custom-made tarpaulins for armoured vehicles or military trucks and we continuously monitor developments so we can offer customers the latest technical solutions which will best meet their expectations.

These tarpaulins are designed and manufactured from high quality raw materials by vulcanization which provides high strength and long life, under extreme and varied climatic conditions. We can incorporate into our tarpaulins all types of accessories according to your needs and technical specifications: fastening tabs, buckle hooks, handling straps, transparent windows, reinforced areas, pouches, sheaths for frames or structures, etc. Our possibilities are endless.

Tarpaulin materials can be selected to meet specific military standards, such as UV resistance, traction, repeated folding, etc.

Our engineering office is at your disposal to respond to your specific requests and support you in developing your various projects.