Flexible jerrycans

Simtech designs, manufactures and supplies flexible jerrycans for embedded vehicle fuel supply.

Apart from flexible tanks as the main or additional tanks, Simtech also design and manufacture jerrycans intended for auxiliary storage of fuels, oil, chemicals, drinking water, etc. The applications of our jerrycans are endless. These flexible jerrycans are used in the shape of a bellows, providing a stable base when filled. They are available with specific accessories allowing them to be directly connected to the engines, for example.

They are custom made on request and we can adapt them according to the requested capacity, accessories desired and the type of liquid they contain. Technically, our flexible jerrycans are manufactured from high strength fabric, vulcanised homogeneously and in one piece, which gives them increased strength and life span, including under extreme climatic conditions.

SIMTECH flexible jerrycans have many benefits. Due to their compact retractable structure and their light weight, they offer space saving and easy storage and transport when empty. They have great resistance to climatic conditions and ensure optimal safety in use.  There is no concern about liquid contamination or evaporation thanks to their high sealing ability.

With our team that comprises highly qualified technicians and engineers, we are able to identify and analyse your needs and meet very specific requests. Whatever your constraints and problems you encounter, we can remedy it and offer a suitable and adaptable solution.

From design through final inspection tests, our products are manufactured in our factory in Tournai, Belgium.