Towable tank for storage and transport of hydrocarbons HRST

The Towable HRST tank for storage and transport of hydrocarbons.

The  towable HRST tank was designed for storage and transport of hydrocarbons, oil and drinking water. It is also suitable for both ground transport and air transport. It can be transported by helicopter and can be towed and slinged.  It comes in the shape of a barrel equipped with fittings that allow quick and safe filling and emptying. These towable tanks are generally used during external military operations for refuelling of military vehicles or during emergency military deployment in the event of a serious humanitarian crisis.

User / use

Army: storage & transport of fuel, kerosene, diesel, petrol, chemicals.

Logistics: Fuel logistics, humanitarian logistics, fuel or water distribution

Industry: petroleum, chemical manufacturer

Technical characteristics

The  towable HRST tanks are manufactured from a very high quality rubber base which gives them high abrasion and UV resistance. The are equipped with quick-acting self-sealing fittings for quick filling and emptying. The towable tank is equipped with shackles to allow slinging of the tank for transport suspended under a helicopter.  The internal coating prevents contamination of the environment even after a very long storage period.

Here are the different capacities available:

VolumeDiameterLengthWeightOperating pressure


The  towable HRST tanks have the characteristic of being very light while having exceptional rigidity. All tanks are equipped with a fill limiter which allows them to be filled safely.

The  HRST tanks are towable and dropable from a truck bed or from a helicopter from a height ranging from 5 to 20m depending on the model, even when full. The towable tank is approved by the French army and by the US army in accordance with standards DCSEA 51047 & MIL-D-23119G. Storage of  towable HRST tanks requires little space because when empty the tank volume only represents 15% of their volume when full. Finally, these tanks can be stored outdoors with no damage.


The  towable HRST tank includes:

  • a tank in the shape of a barrel.
  • 2 plates on each end of the tank consisting of 2 rotating flanges:
  • on 1 of these plates is attached:
    • quick-acting self-sealing connection for filling/ emptying.
    • shackles for slinging the tanks.


We are able to supply towable tanks with various capacities (from 40 to 1900 litres) or any other capacity according to your needs. We also offer self-sealing filling and emptying fittings of various diameters. Do not hesitate to contact us for specific requests.


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