Vacuum head for jars- TAV

The TAV vacuum head

The vacuum head is used for (de)palletization by layer of glass wide-neck jars and bottles. The TAV Flexgrip vacuum head was designed to be attached directly to palletizer robots. It consists of a steel frame and an attachment system for the vacuum plates.  This glass container gripping system is the result of many years of experience in vacuum gripping systems.

User / use

Bottling: (De)palletization of wide-neck jars and bottles by layer.

Bottle manufacturers: Palletization of wide-neck bottles, hollow glass, glass jars.

General industry: (de)palletization of various containers (plastic containers, cardboard containers, hollow glass, PET…)

Technical characteristics

The vacuum head for jars consists of a steel frame equipped with an attachment system for vacuum plates as well as an attachment interface adapted to that of the palletizer. The vacuum head’s dimensions matches the dimensions of a European or American pallet.  It is equipped with a fitting for connection to the vacuum system.  We offer several options depending on your existing installation:

  • Basic unit if you are equipped with a vacuum supply, regulation and control system. (TAV1)
  • Basic unit as well as the vacuum regulation system (TAV2) if you are equipped with a vacuum pump (TAV3).
  • The complete system (TAV3): Basic unit as well as the vacuum control and regulation system + vacuum pump and connection.


The TAV vacuum head is simple to install and easy to use. The vacuum plates may be quickly mounted and dismounted thanks to their attachment system. We adapt the head’s dimensions according to the size of your pallets. We can provide you with a turnkey solution including the complete vacuum system as well as the vacuum plates drilled according to the palletization pattern of wide-neck jars and bottles.


The vacuum head includes, according to the options:

  • a metal frame
  • an interface for attaching to the palletizer robot
  • an elbow fitting for connecting to the vacuum supply source.
  • a vacuum regulation and control system.
  • a suitable vacuum pump


Simtech’s technical department designs customised products to specifications, and it can also develop existing products according to your requirements.

For example:

  • the dimensions of the vacuum head
  • the vacuum performance
  • composition of the vacuum plate

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