Special pneumatic air jack

Simtech designs and manufactures custom pneumatic air jack for various applications according to your specifications.

We manufacture flat air jacks for bottle overturners used in Champagne production as well as cylinders for robots to hold windshields. The inflatable air jacks are made of fabrics that can withstand high pressures and abrasion. These air jacks, also called cushions, are composed of a rubber body and metal openings for fastening and supply. Simtech can design two-stage of triple-tiered cylinders. Various forms are possible: toroidal, flat or cushion-shaped. The different advantages of these products are:

  • Very easy dimensional fabrication for cushions or any other shapes
  • Material: vulcanised fabric
  • Inflation with air, water or oil.
  • Low thickness and reduced space,
  • Easy adaptation and significant lifting force. The pressure is evenly distributed.
  • It adapts to all types of needs: lifting, pressing, moving, pushing.
  • We can design cylinders for elevating tables or for various handling operations.