Laminating vacuum bag for furnace – OBR

The OBR vacuum bag

The reusable OBR type elastomeric vacuum bag comes in the form of a flexible envelope equipped with a simple, fast and airtight closure system as well as a vacuum exhaust system over its entire internal surface. It enables deairing of complexes and withstands high temperatures in the furnace or oven. Many users around the world are satisfied with this tool.

User / use

Automotive industry: laminating of side windows, PVB specific windshield, sunroof, acoustic glass.

Architectural industry: for creation of glass steps, safety railings, acoustic glass, anti-UV glass, balustrades.

Military industry: bullet-proof laminated glass.

Composite industry: compacting and crosslinking of pre-impregnated composite plies.

General industry: LCD screen, photovoltaic panels, vacuum bonding.

Technical characteristics

The OBR vacuum bags and accessories are vulcanised in bulk (automobile tire manufacturing process), which gives them very high strength and excellent flexibility.

They are closed and sealed by a rubber gasket with a clip or fold.

The anti-stick internal exhaust coating can be cleaned by simply wiping with a wiper. This neutral coating does not adhere to any interlayer. This non-polluting concept avoids production residue and repeated cleaning.


OBR vacuum bags can be used in manual laminating processes that are flat, with significant curvatures, contain perforations, added elements, of varying sizes/thicknesses, of irregular shape as well as multi-layer complexes.

The maximum temperature of use for this model of bag is 140°C / 285°F.

The bags are designed to withstand an optimal vacuum of -0.99 mbar.

The quick and simple closure system makes it possible to limit handling time and to avoid scratching the glass.

They can be used horizontally or vertically on a trolley or table.

The vacuum bag complex has been specifically developed to provide excellent thermal conductivity and thereby limit the cycle time.

It is a versatile laminating and deairing tool, robust and with a very long life span.

Its flexible design allows it to be folded along the vacuum channel, limiting storage space required.

The use of reusable bags makes it possible to limit the ecological footprint and reduce production costs by depreciation.


The bag is divided into 3 areas:

  • The body of the bag is anti-stick and provides exhaust. In contact with the glass, it ensures uniform processing.
  • Quick and simple gasket closure.
  • Exhaust system with Ø10 notched vacuum socket.


The technical department will design a bag adapted to your needs. We can make bags up to 6600X2600 mm. Do not hesitate to share your problems with us (storage, environment, temperature, positioning in the furnace). We will add eyelets, fastening tabs for vertical bags, marking, specific vacuum fittings, sheath for lifting strap, exhaust grill, etc.

Simtech can carry out process optimisation studies incorporating your constraints and allowing you to optimise your production and adapt to your installations. These studies can also be carried out on your site.

Why choose Simtech vacuum bags?

Simplicity of use | save time | save space | profitability | interior coating suitable for glass | production flexibility (several glass dimensions in the same bag) | low maintenance

Why choose Simtech quality?

We are manufacturers and ISO 9001:2015 certified | We have qualified staff | We export our products worldwide

We have more than 25 years experience in our field