Custom made flexible tank

Simtech designs and engineers any custom made flexible tank from sketches, drawings or 3D computer designs.

We can offer you all kinds of services. If your project is not yet designed we propose you a study.

Otherwise, a specification with as much information as possible will be requested in order to best handle your request.

Our materials are designed for standard fuels such as diesel, SP95 petrol and SP98 petrol, but we can study and carry out various tests for any other type of fuel according to your request to manufacture your custom made flexible tank.

To duplicate and existing tank or for a specific space, we can also offer a 3D scan.

Simtech has various standard accessories to equip your tank but we can offer you any accessories at the customer’s request.

We design and manufacture many tanks in the sports car field according to the FIA FT3 1999 standard – in the nautical and military field. We can also study your specific requests for very specific standards.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us via the contact tab. We will get back to you with an answer to your request as soon as possible.