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On measure rubber industrial solutions

With more than 25 years of experience, SIMTECH supports you in the development of your applications and incorporation of on measure rubber industrial solutions.  Better than having several teams scattered around the world, there is a single team behind every solution.

Thanks to the many skills and modern manufacturing methods, SIMTECH supports you from the study to achievement of custom rubber industrial solutions. To obtain the most satisfying results, our project managers support you in defining the need and seeking the best technical solution. Regardless of your sector of activity, we develop a specific solution to your application (agri-food, industrial production, automotive, aviation, etc.). Our role is to take over your problems and provide a solution to your needs.

Whether your need concerns the achievement of a complete special solution or development to adapt to an existing installation, our team will support you from the study to manufacturing by offering you an integrated solution.

At Simtech, we are committed to providing more than satisfactory customer service. That is why we continually adapt to the specifics of the different industries with which we collaborate.