Flexible tanks embedded on military vehicles

Simtech Flexcell® flexible tanks are designed to supply all types of terrestrial vehicles, civilian or military, armoured or unarmoured, off-road, for water, drinking water, fuels, oils, etc.  Also available in an aviation version (anti-crash).

Especially made for Defence or companies that make ballistic protection for civilian or military vehicles, these tanks can incorporate “self-sealing” protection (depending on the calibre). We adapt self-sealing and explosion-resistant protections on your tanks (plastic or metal). Whether original equipment on production vehicles or designed for prototype vehicles, they can be made in any material (plastics, composites or metal).

We can also provide the complete, protected tank, with the flexible bladder or a rigid tank with ballistic protection. The flexible tanks fit the vehicle’s shape perfectly and thereby increase the vehicle’s carrying capacity and range. Whether it is the main tank or an auxiliary tank.

The self-sealing wall is adapted according to the level of protection desired and NATO calibres 5.56mm, 7.62mm and 12.7mm.

We can equip tanks with a blast and explosion resistant system. All our flexible tanks embedded on military vehicles can be equipped with various accessories: specific plates, internal pumps, external pumps, quick filling, degassing valve, anti-rollover degassing valve, level gauge, gauge display, buffer box, etc.

From the vehicle’s chassis, from drawings provided or from its location, we design the tank’s shape and optimise its capacity according to the available space.

Rigorous selection of our materials and components provides excellent reliability and limits fuel odours related to permeability.

Simtech is at your disposal to carry out studies of your projects.