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Collapsible fuel water tank

The collapsible fuel, water PST tank

The collapsible PST fuel water tank has a “pillow” shape equipped with various plates and accessories for filling and emptying. It allows storage of hydrocarbons, oil, drinking water, wastewater… It can be used as a mobile service station and deployed quickly and easily and can be folded.

User / use

Humanitarian, Defence : fuel or water distribution & storage, water treatment, decontamination, lifebase, wastewater storage

Industries: fuel, chemical storage

Technical characteristics

Manufacturing collapsible fuel or water tank from a high-quality polymer coated textile base guarantees high resistance of abrasion and UV resistance. To prevent any risk of contamination from the liquid, a barrier film can be added on the tank’s inner surface. In our standard line of flexible storage tanks, we offer several capacities ranging from 1,000 litres to 300,000 liters. They are equipped with elbow filling/drain fittings with a ¼-turn valve, a ½-turn fitting and a symmetrical DN50 nozzle (or several, depending on the tank’s capacity).


Collapsible PST tanks have the characteristic of being very light and strong while remaining very flexible. They are compact: folded they represent less than 5% of their total filled volume. They withstand temperatures from -30°C to +90°C as well as extreme climate conditions. The structure of the material protects the stored liquid, which reduces the risk of evaporation and contamination. Very practical, the are quickly installed and stored.

Their great flexibility and their workmanship allows them to be deformed depending on their fill level so that the stored liquid does not come into contact with the air.

We can also, upon request, provide you with a containment system (berm liner) that will protect the environment against pollution of the fuel flexible tank when it is used.


The fuel flexible PST tank includes:

  • One or more filling/emptying openings
  • Quick connect fittings adapted to your piping
  • A manhole plate
  • Specific marking
  • A repair kit
  • Handles
  • An optional packing case

An optional storage box


We develop and design collapsible fuel & water tanks of various capacities in our standard line or other capacities upon request. We also offer specific filling and emptying fittings. We are at your disposal for all your requests.

Standard line

Empty dimensions
Capacity (litres)Length (metres)Width (metres)Weight (Kg)


Why choose Simtech flexible storage tanks?

Simplicity of use | Saves time | Saves space | Profitability | Safety | Hygiene | Easily deployable and flexible | Low maintenance

Why choose Simtech quality?

We are manufacturers and ISO 9001: 2015 certified | We have qualified staff | We export our products worldwide

We have more than 25 years experience in our field