Self-sealing tank protection

What is the purpose of self-sealing tank protection?

The problems surrounding the protection and survivability of fuel systems in theaters of operation have increased over time. Simtech’s self-sealing tank protection prevents major leaks due to ballistic impacts during these same operations. We have also developed an internal explosion protection system for OEM tanks in case of bullet holes.

Simtech’s self-sealing protection is currently the lightest and thinnest on the market. It provides optimal fuel tank protection while optimizing the overall weight of the vehicle, and adding only a limited amount of extra thickness to the original tank shape. Simtech’s solution offers effective protection for gauges up to 12.7 mm.


It is used in: 4×4 vehicles, armored vehicles, tanks, airplanes, helicopters, drones, boats…

Technical characteristics of the self-sealing protection

It is applied to the external surfaces of fuel tanks, whether they are external tanks or tanks on board vehicles. This complex self-sealing system can be applied to various tank materials such as PE, aluminum, fiberglass and other composite materials.

The application can be done by Simtech as well as by operators assigned by the end user.

Once applied to the outer wall of your tanks, our self-sealing protection meets the required level of protection and NATO 5.56mm, 7.62mm & 12.7mm gauges. The self-sealing layers of the tank seal after the bullet is punctured and retain most of the fuel.

We can perform self-sealing tests in independent European ballistics laboratories to ensure that the required level of protection is met.

Made to measure

Our design office is at your disposal to meet your specific requirements and to assist you in the development of your various self-sealing protection projects. We can apply our self-sealing technology to your existing tanks or develop a complete self-sealing tank with you.