Vacuum bag for lamination of architectural, vehicle & security glass

Our flexlam ® range is dedicated to the lamination of architectural, vehicle and security glass, and other materials which require heat and pressure for their transformation.
Therefore, the range is directed to the glassmakers in the:

  • Automobile sector (automotive: windshield, side windows, panoramic roofs, rear windows),
  • Decorative sector
  • Architectural sector (balustrades, floors, household furnishing, partition walls, etc…)
  • Manufacturers of reinforced or security glass (bullet proof, anti-intrusion).

Within this range, we offer reusable vacuum bags made from a complex fabric/rubber or silicone resistant to high temperatures. Our vacuum bags are designed and made for the degassing – during the lamination process – of flat or curved laminated glass, for the automobile, architectural, security sectors etc. Each model is designed to be used in a bag oven, laminating conveyor, heat chamber, autoclave,…