Vacuum Bags for manual use


Our vacuum bags with manual opening and closing can be used in many fields (laminated glass, composites, vacuum assemblies, etc.).

You can use them  in ovens (on racks, on carrier frame), in an autoclave, on a conveyor.

Their closure systems (patented) provide excellent sealing and quick and simple opening and closing.

Tailor made

Because of their tailor-made design, vacuum bags for manual use adapt to all your applications and all shapes and sizes of glass: flat, curved, etc.

Their suitable and high quality materials allow use up to 200°C. Vacuum bags are reusable many times. An internal anti-stick material limits pollution, facilitates cleaning and a vacuum exhaust system (patented) optimises deairing.

Whether you are a craftsman, industrialist or laboratory, for production of prototypes, or medium or high production quantities, we will adapt our products to your needs.


Our engineering office constantly monitors and develops our vacuum bags. We can participate with on-site development of your facilities and thereby help contribute to optimising your production.

More than 25 years of experience in the field ensures you of a high quality service appropriate to your needs.