Drone Tank

Simtech offers a feasibility study, design, prototyping and fabrication of your drone tank. We carry out both qualification tests and inspection tests

We adapt tank design according to the technical requirements of the project. To do this, we can make tanks that are:

  • Shaped: the tank is the appropriate volume for the desired geometry. This type of tank keeps its shape when empty. These tanks can be filled with a blast-resistant and anti-slosh foam.
  • Flat: this is a flat bladder that inflates as it is filled. When empty it is flat. Anti-collapsing systems can be offered to avoid this phenomenon. These tanks can avoid any risk of becoming unseated.
  • Shaped, flat: this design can combine the benefits of the 2 preceding designs.

Materials are chosen or developed to be compatible with the stored fluid (JET A1, SP95 98 petrol, kerosene, glycol solutions, aggressive mineral oils, etc.)

Our drone tank can withstand temperatures of -45°C to +170°C, shocks of several dozens of Gs as well as vibrations with extreme amplitudes and frequencies.

Light, flexible and safe, Flexcell tanks are the ideal solution to your onboard fluid storage problems. These solutions only rarely need quick and simple maintenance.

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