AUTOMOTIVE GLASS: Optimize your manufacturing process

  • If your business is the manufacture of flat or curved laminated glass for the automotive glass sector and you use a calender, a ring conveyor or a bag furnace.
  • If your specialty is the production of windshields, side windows, rear windows, panoramic roofs for cars, trucks, …
  • If your glasses are flat, with single or double curvature.

then our REUSABLE VACUUM BAGS are an asset to your manufacturing process.

We made them of rubber coated fabric that resists high temperatures (up to 150°C). They adapt perfectly to the shape of your glasses.

We design and manufacture our vacuum bags to measure (more than 3000 x 2000mm for certain models) in our workshops according to :

  • your glasses,
  • your machines
  • your projects.

Their closing systems by flaps, folds or seal, will bring you an ease of use, a fast closing and a very good vacuum holding.

The long life of our reusable vacuum bags, recognized by all our customers, will bring you real savings in maintenance and renewal.

For 30 years and thanks to our know-how and our patented innovations, we have been designing and developing vacuum bags adapted to your production in automotive glass sector for today and especially for tomorrow.