Simtech develops and manufactures liquid storage and transport solutions for Defence (military and civilian fuels, drinking water, raw water, waste water, chemical solutions, aggressive oils). With 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and vulcanisation of flexible tanks, we adapt our products to the specific requirements of our customers.

Flexible tanks are generally made from a coated fabric which is then vulcanised with heat. Their flexibility and lightness lets them optimise volumes for transport (folded in a box) as well as making them quickly deployable anywhere in the world.

These lines of tanks can withstand extreme conditions (-40°C to +110°C), and they can be transported by helicopter, rolled, towed and transported by air for some models.

Others allow more than 300M³ of fuel or drinking water reserves to be safely stored under the harshest environmental conditions…They can be placed on the floor, stowed on a truck bed, equipped with locatable chips and even buried.

We also offer pump sets, API filtration, piping, fittings, couplings, lifting eyes, filling nozzles with an overflow limiter. Our team is at your disposal to study any specific applications.