Architectural glass / Photovoltaics / Composite

Your vacuum assemblies will be facilitated using our reusable flexible bags.

With easy opening / closing and its patented deairing system, optimal processing of your products is assured: laminated glass, photovoltaic panels, composite assemblies, etc.

Our products will adapt to your activities, your pace, your products, your dimensions.

Our vacuum bags, designed with high-quality flexible rubber bases, will assure you of quality work and optimised life span.

We provide single unit sales or mass production.

Whether you are a craftsman, industrialist, lab, …… we will offer you a solution developed for your activity.

Some examples of achievements:

Bag with gasket closing, pleated (patented), in high-temperature rubber, silicone.

They can be used in the oven, in an autoclave, suspended on a carrier frame, on a conveyor.

A self-heating bag (patented) allows for autonomous production.