Self-sealing tank protection

Simtech designs, manufactures and supplies complete solutions such as protection of tanks from fuel leakage with self-sealing properties. We have also developed an internal explosion protection system on OEM tanks in case of bullet holes. This self-sealing tank protection can be applied to various tank materials such as PE, aluminium, fibreglass and other composite materials.

Once applied to the outer wall of your plastic or metal tanks or on our flexible tanks, our self-sealing tank protection can be adapted to the required protection level and to NATO 5.56mm, 7.62mm & 12.7mm calibres. The self-sealing layers seal after perforation by a bullet and retain most of the fuel. An internal explosion protection system allows the tank to resist passage of a bullet and slow it down at the same time.

Flexcell self-sealing tank protection is designed to reduce and / or stop leaks when vehicles are under fire and must maintain their autonomy to safely escape from war zones. It can be used on all types of vehicle, including terrestrial, civilian or military, armoured or not, off-road, etc., with fuel (or other liquids). We also have the technology to meet your needs for tanks in the aviation field.

In addition, Simtech offers with its products the possibility of carrying out self-sealing tests in independent European ballistics laboratories in order to comply with the level of protection required. Our engineering office is at your disposal to respond to your specific requests and support you in developing your various projects. We can apply our existing self-sealing technology to your tanks or develop a complete tank with you.