With more than 25 years of experience, Simtech has acquired expertise in the development of tailored solutions for the aviation industry. Thanks to our FLEXCELL product range created for the development and installation of on-board tanks for any type of land or air vehicle, Simtech is able to offer you products that meet the technical requirements of the aviation industry.

From fuel tanks to water tanks or washer-fluid, our materials and knowledge adapt to all technical constraints and all specifications.  Each tank is manufactured to order and request which gives us a lot of flexibility and adaptability for each of our clients. We work on a tank design according to your specifications (capacity, space, form…) in order to offer you a perfectly adapted product, we put our experience at your service.

The materials are chosen our developed to be compatible with the stocked fluid (oils, aggressive mineral oils, etc.)

Our tanks can withstand temperatures from -45° C to +170 ° C, major shocks and vibrations of extreme amplitudes and frequencies.

Lightweight, flexible and safe, Flexcell tanks are the perfect solution to your on board fluid storage problems. These solutions only, and rarely, need simple and quick maintenance

Do not hesitate to contact us for any project. Our dedicated team will accompany you for each development and stage of your new projects.