FIA Approved Fuel Tank

Simtech designs and manufactures FIA  approved fuel tanks under its Flexcell line. Our Flexcell® tanks are produced from rubber coated fabric which meets the FIA-FT3 fuel tank standard. The safety requirement of this flexible material avoids the risk of explosion in the event of a crash. The variety of our manufacturing processes as well as the different types of materials lets us offer race fuel tanks that meet the use of different types of fuel. These tanks are designed to withstand corrosion and the effects of vapours from it.

Simtech has highly qualified technical teams for designing and manufacturing racing fuel tanks with different capacities and very complex shapes in order to meet your requirements.

On the other hand, Simtech designs and supplies custom tanks fully equipped with FIA approved accessories. (We also supply “bare” tanks with no accessories). The plates and counterflanges include various valves: suction, return and degassing. Several diameters are available according to your specifications. Degassing valves are equipped with a non-return check ball. We also supply non-return filler valves. All these accessories have the goal of keeping the fuel inside the tank and avoiding fumes entering the vehicle passenger compartment which could cause a fire.

We supply aluminium or composite enclosures to secure the tank as required by the FIA approved fuel tank standard. Supply of a flexible tank with an integral composite enclosure is also possible.

All our FIA approved fuel tank are supplied with internal explosion-proof and anti-slosh foam depending on the type of fuel. We also produce internal buffer boxes to your design, as well as internal partitions if necessary. In order to increase the performance of your tanks, Simtech also supplies high-pressure pumps.