The end of green snakes or vacuum rings: reusable vacuum rubber bags LBR

You have a semi-automatic vacuum conveyor for laminating (pre-pressing) automotive glass (windshields, sidelites, backlites, sunroofs, panoramic rooftops) still using green snakes or vacuum rings which restrict your production capabilities (integrated fragile electrical connectors, perforated glasses, edge-effect or migration issues on the glass surface, single glass per rack, our reusable vacuum bag type LBR is a brilliant alternative to these issues and to upgrade your current machine with the new automotive glass technology requirements, see increase your production capacity for your smaller glass tiles.

A reusable vacuum rubber bag type LBR with its semi-rigid side reinforcements allows a vertical hold of the bag during the pre-pressing process under vacuum and temperature. Well dimensioned to your conveyor size, it allows you to position several smaller glass tiles in the same bag, i.e. double see more the production capacity of your machine!

We offer different sealing system on these bags:

  • zipper
  • profiled rubber joint (clipping)
  • fold sealing (patent pending)

Please find below a short presentation video of our LBR reusable vacuum rubber bags for semi-automatic vacuum conveyors of automotive glasses: