Self-heating reusable vacuum bags for composites

Poches à vide réutilisables auto-chauffante pour le compactage et infusion de composites

Simtech designs, manufactures & supplies patented high-temperature self-heating reusable vacuum rubber or silicone bags for the RTM and compacting process. We design these bags  for laminating flat or curved composite panels in manual batch of tiles placed horizontally in the bag on racks or table. The self-heating reusable vacuum bags are an autonomous system for heat and vacuum. They do not require any external machinery to place it into.

We offer accessories (vacuum pumps, programmable temperature controller, vacuum hose and connectors). We design all bags suitable power and temperature controller to fit your needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your specific needs, Simtech is your companion for reusable vacuum bagging projects with custom-made solutions !