the world’s lightest self sealing fuel tank

Tank military self switching per ball ballistic

Simtech’s self sealing fuel tank was engineered through several experiments using technical coated textiles and other high-quality chemical components.

Our expertise in this field has led us to design a top-performing self-sealing protection tank solution, adapted to battle situations.

Efficient against calibres up to 12.7mm, it is currently the lightest and thinnest self sealing tank solution on the market.

This tank protection is applied on the external surface of embedded fuel tanks. In case of a ballistic impact, the holes created by the projectile are instantly reduced or nullified, preventing the loss of fuel and thus greatly reducing the operational risks a leaking fuel cell.

Simtech’s self-sealing tank is highly adaptable and compatible with :

  • common plastic molded fuel tanks
  • standard aluminium fuel cells.

It is also compatible with Simtech’s own range of flexible fuel tanks, offering a turn-key fuel solution.

The optimal adhesion makes it compatible with long-term service. The self sealing tank is also implemented with anti-ignition, anti-slosh foam or aluminium mesh ( compatible with either gasoline or diesel) inside the fuel tanks. It can be implemented directly on-site for large scale projects.

The high-level efficiency of our self sealing fuel tank solution has brought it to be applied on some systems from the latest generation of military combat and reconnaissance vehicles used by NATO-member military strengths.